Full Body Health Screening with Metatron NutriSoft System




We are proud offer our clients a new, accurate and non-invasive health body screening test with the help of non-linear system METATRON NUTRISOFT.

It is a new generation of informational systems with biological feedback. Its functioning is based on bio-resonance method. Metatron NutriSoft test is non-invasive, quick, safe and highly informative method of body  screening.

Metatron NutriSoft is an analogue-free investigation system, which allows tracing body health state through changes in the wave characteristics of body tissues. Non-linear analysis systems (NLS) are the most advanced information technologies available in this century and can be considered the most remarkable and advantageous accomplishment of modern natural science. This equipment is based on the spectral analyses of the vortex magnetic field of any biological object. It is quite unique in the world today.

Every single cell has its own oscillations or vibrations. These vibrations differ according to the state of health of the individual. The more pathological the cell is the “noisier” vibrations are. Metatron Nutrisoft system has a library of recorded oscillations of different cells and tissues in health and in weakness as well as recordings of different homeopathic remedies, supplements, allopathic (medical) drugs, microorganisms, allergens, etc. The system compares these signals and determines where the weakness is. It can check the efficiency of the supplements you take as well.

During the test you will be wearing a set of headphones with trigger sensor which on one hand enables the production of a preset bio-electrical activity of brain neurons & on the other hand  amplifies the fluctuations of signals coming from oscillating cells and tissues. These signals will be transformed into information processed by computer. This system allows receiving on computer screen high quality coloured virtual picture of researched organ where we can see the state of health of this organ. If we find any weaknesses in this or that organ we can take some preventative measures to correct the imbalance. Our Naturopathic doctor will be giving you recommendations at the time of the test.


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