Offer of the Month

Dear Clients of Body Peace,

I am please to announce that we are finally allowed to go back to work after 4 long months of lockdown. We start on 13 July.

There is a strict protocol that every visitor to Body Peace has to follow.

You will have to arrive on time – there will be no waiting in the clinic available – we are trying to minimise the time you stay with us – do not worry – your treatment will be the same.

If you need to complete a questionnaire – you have to do it at home. Covid 19 questionnaire on top of our in house one – please download this file, print, complete and take with you for your appointment: COVID_19_Pre_Treatment_Questionnaire

There is a COVID 19 questionnaire on top of our in-house one.

This is nessassary to assess your state of health and to be able to track you if, God forbids, there is another outbreak of the virus.

You will have to wear a mask at all times whilst in the clinic, as soon as you arrive you have to wash your hands, also we ask you to bring your own towel to cover.

The place is always hyginic anyway but now we are cleaning and desinfecting before and after each client with chrorine containing and recommended cleaning products, you will find 80% alcohol sanitisers everywhere in the clinic and on top of that we are using UVLizer to kill all viruses and bacteria.

There is a lot to learn as this situation is unprecedented but if we all try hard this horrible virus will be over hopefully soon.

Looking forward to see you all soon!

Stay safe and well

Irina Dumbrell – ND