Eporex Mesotherapy


Utilizing Vitamin C for acne treatment. Vitamin C is delivered through the skin to its deepest layers, where it is quickly utilized by the body with results that are amazing. The procedure is pain free, there is no tissue damage or breaking of the skin and there are no known side effects.

Acne is a common blemish problem that comes from the natural daily production of body hair, protective skin oils and bacteria called Propionibacterium Acnes. Skin bacteria collects on the skin’s surface and is ready to invade the skin at any opprtunity. Once the bacteria enters an open pore, it travels down the pore to the oil sac, where it is protected from air exposure (oxygen) and starts its dirty deed of pimple production.

  • Acne is not just something that affects the young.
  • Acne is not always an indication of poor hygiene.
  • Acne is not always a result of bad diet.

Benefits of Vitamin C Teatment

Vitamin C being an anti oxidant fights free radicals that can lead to acne inflammation and inhibits sebum oxidation, which contributes to the occurence of acne. It stimulates the growth of healthy new skin tissue at cellular level and normalises the complexion & skin tone. It has very dramatic results in terms of strengthening collages and elastin fibres. Vitamin C treatment does not require any recovery time, so you can continue with your daily routine immediately.


Vitamin C showed excellent results in the treatment of acne. The number of treatments needed to clear up problematic skin varies from case to case, but patients should see major imrovements just after a couple of sessions. So what makes Eporex Mesotherapy Vitamin C treatment any better than other treatments you have already tried? Try it and see!

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