23.01.2018 I had “Eporex Breast Firming£ at 2 other clinics before (one in Spain and one in London), but they cannot compare to the way Irina does it. She takes care of every aspect of the process. She never skips exfoliation or ultrusound (the way the other clinics were doing), she is very presize and thourough – you can see she truely cares about the quality that she provides. I couldn’t be happier! I finally found an extraordinary Eporex therapist and I credit her with the radiance of my face and with the rediscovered perkiness of my breasts! Cristina Ruzu

31.10.16 After suffering with constipation for months on end due to stress and relying entirely on laxatives, I came to Irina. After one treatment, there was a massive difference – after a few days I started going every day, I no longer suffer with nausea and pain. Life became so much easier! I am very grateful to Irina for the help she has given me. Lydia

01.06.14 Just had a hot stone massage, it was divine, I would recommend it to anyone. Katie

06.05.14 I would like to thank Penny for the wonderful colonic I received.  I felt lighter and full of energy.  The whole experience and staff were amazing. ND

04.05.14 My very first colonic was such an incredible experience. The team were so supportive and I had such a beautiful energy.  Was amazing!!! Even booked another, also starting detox soon.  Vicky

15.04.14 My first treatment I felt really nervous but was soon made to feel at ease and it helped me settle. I thought it would be bad, but it was really good and I would recommend this treatment to anyone.  Thank you.  Daniel

29.01.14 I really needed the treatment, suffering badly.  I was very nervous but was made to feel relaxed and the whole experience was enjoyable.  Thanks for the detox it was great.  Becky.

20.12.13 I have just had an amazing hot stone massage from Jane.  It was like no other massage I had had before, but the effect of the hot stones gave my body what I would describe as the biggest soothing hug taking away all my aches and pains.  I shall certainly be repeating this treatment in the New Year.  Thank you. SG

01.12.13 I have just completed a detox program and I would like to thank Penny who supports me all the way with an excellent internal cleanse. Rob

19.11.13 I only had a colonic as a friend had told me of the wonderful results she had had.  I was scared to even think about it, let alone try it.  Everyone at Body Peace made me feel really comfortable and relaxed.  I feel so much better now all clean.  No pain yet all the gain, so I would recommend everyone to go for it.  Shetal.

10.11.13 Thanks to Tina, and my second colonic I feel fantastic.  Had IBS for 15 years and I have never felt so good, no more bloating, no more uncomfortable stomach, this is certainly the way to go.  Lisa.

29.04.13 I have just had my 2nd colonic with Tina and feel really good. My first was a week ago.  I felt slightly bloated that evening but by the next day I felt like a blockage had been removed and my insides were much happier.  I also noticed my stomach was less bloated and quite noticeably so by today’s second appointment.  I would definitely recommend a colonic to anyone, it really makes you feel like you have had a good internal clean out and I feel more vitalised already and looking forward to sun bathing with a flatter tummy soon. The staff are lovely, very friendly and informative and I would recommend this place to everyone. Thanks   Lisa.


My first treatment was with Tina (a 40th birthday present).  Found the whole process amazing and felt good immediately.  Thank you  Gabrielle.

21.11.12  I was really nervous at first, but there is  nothing to worry about.  Its so relaxing and you will feel great once finished.  Tina you were great.  Thank you.  Nicki T

30.09.12  Thank you Tina very much for giving me a flatter stomach with the lemon detox and colon hydrotherapy and also for making my skin look better.  I know it will look even more amazing over the next few months.  I am so much more confident thanks to the ladies at Body Peace.  Anujah.

Loved the colon hydrotherapy, was nervous at first but Penny made me feel relaxed.  Thank you so much, the service was great.  Naomi  10.02.12

I have suffered from acne for many years and after trying several different treatments I found the answer to my prayers, mesotherapy.  I had a full course on my face and I am now free from acne and my skin looks amazing, its the best thing I have experienced. I am now so much more confident. I will definitely being having maintenance treatments. I  thoroughly recommend this treatment.

From AS 14.10.12


Fabulous mesotherapy facial!!!

Supported by M-Zuri creams which I bought also and has helped with my blemishes that I have suffered with from my teens to now – forties!

Recommend the creams and facial is an absolute must!!!!

Tracey N.


Dear Irena,

I would like to thank you so much for amazing difference your treatments have made to life. I would also like to advise people who are scepticle about having colonics done and have been advised against them.

I was diagnosed with IBS at the age of sixteen and then diagnosed with endometriosis at 21. I have always suffered with constipation. Until I had an operation 2 years ago was bed ridden for two weeks and got a intestinal blockage as my pain killers contained a high dosage of codeine in them. Since then I have had to go to A&E and have 6 Phosphate enemas administered as my colon was no longer able to work without taking laxatives daily.

After seeing the top specialist in the area regarding this problem I was told to relax take a different type laxative daily and don’t worry about it. When asked how long I should take these for he advised that some people never stop taking them and it could be two months, years, maybe never. Two years down the line at the age of 23 I tried unsuccessfully to ween my body off this medication, I had completely changed my diet, exercised regularly. Nothing seemed to work and the pain was gradually increasing to point where I could not walk or sleep at times because of the pain. I was extremely depressed not knowing where to turn for help.

I had considered Colonics for about a year I had consulted many doctors, nutritionists etc.. about having it done was told it would not help and would increase the pain I was already in. So I decided not to go ahead. The daily pain became so intense I figured it could not get any worse and to take the chance.

I have had 5 colonics with Irena now and I have not taken any of my medication for nearly 1 month, having daily bowel movements. My stomach used be so bloated and constantly painfull, I cannot believe the difference Irena has made to my life. I am so angry at myself for listening to the doctors, they think tablets will cure everything. The treatment is not painful is the only sensation is of discomfort at times and the following day. Irena is very discreet and made me completely at ease from the start. So do not believe any of the bad things you are told about colonics I only wish that I had someone giving me this advise a long time ago. It would of saved a lot of trips to the hospital and doctors, and also a lot and pain and suffering.

Thanks once again Irena, you are a truly lovely person who has put my life back on track. See you in a few weeks,


Hi there,

I just wanted to wright a quick thank you note for my visit to Body Peace.

You may have noticed I was nervous and very anxious about my treatment, but Tina was fantastic and made me feel totally at ease (almost too relaxed for what I was having done – I forgot completely about the treatment)

Its been a long 6 months of feeling unwell and i feel for the first time that I have finally made some positive steps to recovery, i look forward to feeling my old self over the coming months with my further treatments, and I cant’t believe I am even looking forward to my next treatment….

Thanks again and see you next Saturday.


Dear Irena, Thanks for yesterday, like I told you it was much different treatment than last time, but I feel more benefit & better for it than the previous occasion.



Dear Penny,

Just to say BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

Your professionalism and caring nature did help me to relax and benefit from the treatment – I assure all your advices have been taken seriously.

See you soon abd thank you again.


Having only seen this on TV I was very nervous about trying the procedure. But wow no reson to worry. The whole process was not to be concerned about. Be open and honest with Penny, lay back and feel the overall releaf.

Seriously – nothing to worry about and I feel the benefits already.


Dear Irena,

I can’t thank you enough for the help that you have given me in reaching where I am today physically. Before visiting your clinic, I suffered from severe lethargy, that my doctor put down to stress. I also had chronic constipation and suffered from a skin condition and if you remember, a very bloated stomach with mild attacks of migraine. A friend recommended some colonic therapy to help the constipation (something I was very sceptical about). I remember feeling particularly nervous and a little embarrassed about the whole thing but you made me feel at ease straight away. Your discreet, professional approach was first class and the treatment helped me enormously. The allergy testing and vitamin & mineral deficiency testing that you carried out helped me focus on what my diet should look like and the advice that you gave me was spot on. Within a few days, I noticed a change in my energy levels and within a few weeks my migraine and bloated stomach had disappeared.

I know I still have some further improvements to make but at least I can now face the day without pain, tiredness and bloat. I look at pictures of myself and wonder why I spent so many years in discomfort. My face looked awful back then – all bloated and spotty. At 30 years old, I think I’m finally getting some “body peace”!

Thanks again.


Dear Irena,

My wife & I both had treatment with you a couple of weeks ago.

I am just writing to say what a beneficial effect that it has had. I can’t believe how much better I feel generally. At the time of the treatment, I didn’t feel much different but, through that day, I felt a debilitating weariness disappearing from my body. Maybe it was something that I had become used to, the difference now is remarkable.

I have also practised all the dietary recommendations that you suggested- I’m finding rice milk difficult in coffee!

Sincerely, many thanks for the treatment, nearly two weeks later, I feel just so much better!


Dear Irena

I recently received a session of Colon Hydrotherapy, as you may recall I was a first time visitor to your practice and was pleased that you made me welcome and put me at ease.

The treatment was thorough and painless, and I felt very comfortable with the process. I look forward to visiting you again in a couple of months for another session.



Body Peace Fits the Bill for TV

Two stars of Channel Four’s reality TV show Fit Farm popped into a complementary health centre in Taplow for detoxifying treatments.

The Fit Farm guests spent four hours being filmed at the Body Peace Complementary Medicine Centre in Nursery Road on Tuesday (13 April) having colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

One contestant, 24-stone Nicole, has been at the Fir Farm for six weeks but fellow guest Naomi was enjoying a short stay for detox.

Therapist Irena Dumbrell said they received colonic hydrotherapy, acupuncture in their ears and probiotic implants to restore the essential bacteria to their guts.

“Detoxing helps overall wellbeing and feeling healthy and nice and clean”, she said. “So that could help anybody really”.

The show went out on Channel Four at 6 pm on Wednesday (14 April).

Maidenhead Advertiser
Friday, 16 April 2004



Hello Irena

How are you?

Its been over a week since my colonic and I am feeling very good, I have been following the dietry advice you gave me and taking the natural supplements. I am much more comfortable and I seem to have more energy! (No sign of colitis either) Thank you so much, I will be in touch soon to arrange when to see you next.

Take Care

Alison x