Remedial massage is a comprehensive and completely natural treatment which aids the body’s own healing process. It is an individually tailored therapy and entirely holistic in the sense that it can be allied to other therapies and indeed conventional medicine.

Remedial massage works on all systems of the body.

• Muscles are relaxed, toned and strengthened.

• Blood circulation is improved.

• The lymphatic system is stimulated which helps to eliminate toxins in the system.

• Nervous and digestive systems can be soothed or stimulated.

Remedial massage generally deals with soft tissue problems, those aching muscles! This can be from a sports injury, gardening, whiplash, arthritis, and sciatica. Headaches can be often be caused by muscle constriction.

By increasing the circulation any painful conditions, all parts of the body legs, hips, can benefit from massage. It can help with high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety,depression and all the myriad manifestations of stress. If relaxation and destressing is what you need then massage is for you. A treatment usually takes up to an hour although some people find they prefer one and a half hours.

Treatment starts with a full case history (a full discussion of your problems and medical history).

You will undress to your underwear but towels are used for modesty and comfort.

Massage follows with emphasis being placed on relaxing the muscles and then some work deeper into the soft tissue.

Some conditions can never be cured but massage can certainly go a long way to alleviating any discomfort.

A muscle which has become constricted through trauma, a misaligned joint, poor nutrition or injury with massage will relax, this allows the blood to flow through it and the toxic waste to be removed. Many of our clients opt for monthly ‘maintenance’ once their particular problem has improved. This can help prevent the problem reoccurring, or any others happening by helping to keep the muscles toned and relaxed – dealing with any little tensions in the body before they can create any major problems – prevention being better than cure – and in such a wonderful way.

A healthy body is a body which can move easily and freely….freedom of movement requires good, healthy muscles.

Healthy muscles are an essential part of a healthy body. So why do we ignore them? Muscles give motion to life and every part of the body is dependent on muscle and we could not continue to function without them.

A monthly massage should not be seen as luxury but as an essential part of our commitment to our health.