Indian Head

Indian Head Massage Can Help With The Following:

  • Aches and Pains
  • Hair Growth
  • Dandruff
  • Thinning hair
  • Stress
  • Circulation
  • Detox
  • Tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • concentration

What is Indian Head Massage?
How does it work?
What happens during the treatment?

What is Indian Head Massage

Indian head Massage   safe, simple yet an effective therapy.

Indian head massage has been practised over a thousand years. It was originally developed by women as part of their grooming routine. They used different oils according to the season to keep their hair strong, lustrous and in beautiful condition.

The benefits of head massage were not confined exclusively to women: barbers practiced many of these same skills. Hair massage skills were kept in the family and were passed down from mother to daughter right up to the present day. Top

How does it work?

The head, neck & shoulders are important energy centers within your body. If you are feeling stressed or angry, tension tends to accumulate. The tension can later show up as a stiff neck and shoulders, as eye strain and sometimes even as hair loss. Indian Head Massage involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help unknot blockages and relieve this uncomfortable built-up of tension.

However, its effect is not just physical: it works on an emotional level too, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress. It tackles the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress in a unique and particularly effective way. The head and hair are extremely sensitive as the face and scalp are crowded with nerve endings. This makes them very receptive to touch. Massaging the head and hair is soothing and deeply relaxing. Top

What happens during the treatment?

Your therapist will ask you to remove any neck chains or other jewellery and spectacles. If you want you can remove your shoes as well. Then you will be asked to sit down in an upright chair without crossing your legs. Your therapist will stand behind you and work with your neck, head, shoulders and ears. Oil may be used during the treatment. You can tell your therapist what area needs more attention or to avoid specific sensitive areas. Top


Here are a few aftercare suggestions, to help you get the maximum benefits from your treatment. You should try to observe them for the next 24 hours.

• Drink as much water as possible immediately after your massage – this will assist the body in flushing out the toxins, which have been released.

• Eat a light meal only – this will help the cleansing effect on the body.

• Avoid carrying heavy bags, in particular shoulder bags, as this will only undermine the good work that has been done!!

• Avoid Tea, Coffee and Cola products, as these contain caffeine, which acts as a stimulant, and this slows down the healing process. Herbal or Green teas are excellent alternatives.

• Avoid alcohol – your blood is pumping round your body much faster after your massage, and you would become very tipsy, very quickly!! Top

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