Detox – The Lemon Detox Diet


Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup 1 Lt (1 weeks supply)

The Lemon Detox Diet Rejuvenation Sensation is a five-to-ten days holistic naturopathic journey to better health: simple, enjoyable and totally natural. Amazingly effective this cleansing programme will rid your body of accumulated toxins and help you to lose excess weight.

During the programme, we replace solid food with a Natural Tree Syrup & lemon drink: a natural beverage of tree syrups, pure lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper carefully formulated to provide nourishment while supporting the body as it cleanses itself.

The Lemon Detox Diet works by stimulating your body’s own natural cleansing process by giving it a break from the constant work of digesting, and allowing balance to be restored.

Some people worry about going without solid foods  but The Lemon Detox Diet Rejuvenation Sensation is a health programme, not a traditional fast. A true fast is complete abstinence from food of any kind, The Lemon Detox Diet is a semi-fast programme based on nourishing and energizing liquid food and is carried out for a limited period of time. Its purpose is to purify the body and free the system of excess fats  and deposits.Surprisingly you do not feel hunger!

In nature, fasting is a completely natural process. In all major religions of the world it forms an essential part of physical and spiritual cleansing. People who have completed the programme report a wide variety of benefits including:

  • cleansing the body of toxins
  • effective weight loss
  • increased vigour and vitality
  • better digestion
  • sounder sleep
  • better ciculation
  • shiny hair and stronger nails
  • clear skin and eyes
  • greater resistance to illness
  • fortified will-power and determination
  • improved concentration and clarity of thoughts
  • balanced emotions
  • happier, more positive outlook
  • sense of inner peace

The Lemon Detox Diet is for everyone who feels the need to take a more conscious control of their life. It is a commiyment towards bringing out the best in ourselves;towards exploring our potential and living life to the full.

We sell Madal Bal Natural Tree syrup in our clinic for ?42.99 per 1 litre bottle and ?27.99 per 0.5 litre bottle. There is a very useful book about Lemon Detox Diet and we strongly recommend you read it before you start. The book price is ?5.99.

You can always get advice from our practitioners about Lemon Detox Diet.

What is Detoxing?

Detoxing is just another word for cleansing.The aims of a detox program are to reduce the workload of the digestive system, allowing it to perform more efficiently, and to stimulate the parts of your body that are responsible for cleansing and elimination. Successful detoxing depends for the main part on what you eat and drink, but it can be complemented by body therapies to speed up the elimination of toxins, and mind therapies to help you relax and reduce stress levels. The intention is to coax your mind and body to rid itself of waste, replacing it with revitalizing and nurturing foods and thoughts.We always take into account our clients life style and create individual detox programs.

The food detox programme improves the digestive system and immunity; reduces your exposure to toxins; and, finally, increases the actions of the liver and kidneys, the main organs of detaxification. It will provide you with everything you need for a full internal spring clean.

The Benefits of Detox

Detoxing will improve your appearance, regulate your patterns and boost your emotional well-being. It will increase your vitality and your underlying health and may also help you lose weight.

Improve appearance

One of the key benefits of detoxing is just how much better you will look. Apart from reducing bloating, streamlining your body and toning your muscles through the combination of diet and body therapies, your skin will be transformed. Expect your skin to look softer and better hydrated, your complexion to be clearer and the condition of your eyes and the eyes themselves should be clearer and brighter. You’ll even find your teeth are brighter as you avoid tea, coffee and red wine.

Better health

Detoxing improves the health of your immune system by increasing the amount of antioxidant nutrients that are key to fighting infection and disease. As a result you’ll suffer from fewer colds and minor illnesses. If you’ve been suffering from food intolerance without knowing it, you may even find that allergic disorders such as hay fever and eczema, as well as stomach cramps, diarrhoea and headaches disappear once the offending item has been removed from your diet.

Restful sleep

Detoxing will help you sleep better because you will be eliminating so many harmful substances that have been keeping you awake. Many people use alcohol as a sedative, but in fact it is a stimulant in the same way as caffeine and tobacco, and will wake you up in the middle of the night. Regular exercise will also promote deeper sleep, but avoid anything too strenuous in the hours before bedtime. The relaxation therapies you will encounter in this book are also useful in helping you get a restful night.

Improved mood and inner harmony

Ridding your mind of negative will improve your outlook and do wonders for your state of health. Research has shown that optimism and happiness are strongly linked to good health, increased well-being and your body’s potential to heal itself. Healthy eating will stabilize your blood sugar levels, which in turn will prevent your moods from fluctuating, helping you to feel more relaxed and better able to deal with stress. Meditation and visualization techniques will enable you to detoxify your mind.

Weight loss

Anyone who regularly eats thousands of calories of fatty, sugary and nutritionally unsound food a day will lose weight if they follow our detox programme. However, weight loss is only an added bonus, not the main aim. Don’t be tempted to weight yourself while detoxing because if you find you haven’t lost any weight you might not feel motivated to carry on.

The Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup consists of four different South East Asian palm syrups and prime quality Canadian grade maple syrup.

The saps are harvested without harming the trees and with total care for the environment. They are blended to a specific formula and then put into tins. No preservatives are added and no chemical processes are applied.
Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup was formulated in the eighties for a Swiss Health Company. It was created by a specialist team led by Dr. K.A. Beyer (psychologist), Dr. Meywald (GP & Homeopath) Dr. Raabe (GP & ayurvedic doctor) and Kumudini Weerawarna (ayurvedic doctor, pharmacist and herbalist).

The syrup took five years and thousands of tests to produce. The end result is a finely balanced mixture, meeting all the mineral and nutrient requirements for the Lemon Detox Diet.

Maple syrup: Maple trees must be about 40 years old before they can be tapped. The bird’s-eye maple, one of over 75 varieties of maple tree, only produces sap during a period of four to six weeks during March and April at the start of the Canadian spring. At this time the forests are still covered by several feet of snow. Thus harvesting the sap is a cold and arduous task.  There are three categories of sap identifiable by their colour. The first phase of the harvest is the most abundant and contains more sugars and fewer minerals. This is called Harvest A, and is of a light amber colour and widely used in cookery. Harvest B is the middle phase and used as a sweetener in the specialist food market and is of medium amber colour. Harvest C is the final collection of the year and has the smallest yield. The sap is dark amber in colour and of superior quality; it is highly concentrated, less sweet and with the highest mineral content. The sap is turned into syrup by means of water evaporation.

Palm Tree Syrup: The production of palm syrup is equally painstaking, involving the cutting of the tree’s flowering fruit stems a little each day. The sap is then harvested from the stem. This delicate, laborious task effectively condenses the most potent life force of the plant, the sap that would otherwise have become the fruit of the tree (coconuts for instance). This sap is then heated over an open fire, gently concentrating the syrup to avoid fermentation. Madal Bal Brand Natural Tree Syrup uses sap from several Southeast Asian palm species, including the Coconut Palm, the Arenga and Kitul Palms of the rainforests, the Nipah Palm of the swamps and marshes, and the Palmyra Palm of northern Sri Lanka. Madal Bal uses only palm syrup produced on small family farms, using techniques introduced and monitored by international aid workers. This intensive form of production is certainly more expensive than large-scale plantation methods, but it ensures the highest-quality syrup, and helps local community development by supporting family-based enterprise.

One of the key components of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup is its richness in essential minerals. Maple syrup is rich in manganese and zinc, two minerals that are almost nonexistent in palm syrup. On the other hand, palm syrup contains large quantities of potassium and calcium, elements required by the cells to function properly and, therefore, important to the purification of the body. When mixed in the right proportions, we get unique Natural Tree Syrup with a rich and balanced mineral content.