Aqua Detox

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What you  take out of your body is just as important for your health as what you put in. With today’s chemical-laden food production techniques and our sedentary, over-indulgent lifestyles our bodies are, more than any generation before us, likely to be laden with toxins that are:

  • Ingested from what we eat and drink
  • Generated by our own bodies

Aqua Detox™ is a new amazing treatment that involves nothing more than placing your feet in a highly specialised foot spa for 30 minutes per detox session.

The foot spa holds the Aqua Detox™ unit – a highly sophisticated array that causes ionisation of the water and can help rebalance electromagnetic forces in the body. The unit causes electric dialysis by producing electromagnetic oscillations in the water.

Benefits of Treatment

Aqua Detox™ can be used to improve:

  • liver and kidney function menstrual pain
  • circulation skin problems
  • general metabolism mercury & heavy metal detoxification
  • arthritis & joint pain food allergies
  • headaches, fatigue, irritability poor digestion
  • And generally to balance the whole body and enhance well being.

Aqua Detox™ can also be used as part of a detox diet plan.

What happens during treatment?

  • You attend our clinic – by appointment only.
  • You immerse your feet in warm water within the Aqua Detox™ machine.
  • We set the machine to the correct settings and ionisation levels.
  • You sit back & relax for 30 minutes whilst the Aqua Detox™ completes its cycle of treatment.
  • You’ll see the secreted toxins in the water..
  • There may be lymphatic fat or mucous floating on the water.
  • Well-being is enhanced from the first treatment
  • Detoxification is complete normally within 8-9 treatments over 4 weeks & once a month thereafter.