Magnet Therapy

We provide magnetic products for helping in pain relief and general well being. All the products have a money back gaurantee if no improvement in the condition is seen. Please call for further details.


Magnotherapy or Magnet Therapy helps the body to heal itself by stimulating the biochemistry of the body enabling repair and renewal to take place.

Oxygen is essential for the body’s continual maintenance and removal of waste products. It is carried to all cells, in the blood, through a network of arteries, veins and capillaries. A component of the blood, hemoglobin, is the conveyer of oxygen to the cells, passing through gates which are controlled by pH, the body’s way of measuring its own acid /alkaline balance. Too much acid in the blood causes these gates to start closing thus limiting the amount of oxygen supply. Restoring the pH balance allows the gates to open maximizing oxygen flow pH is balanced by the movement of electrons in the body, which is the fundamental action of magnotherapy. An increase of up to 300% in blood flow has been measured within minutes of applying a magnetic field.

Many conditions and sporting injuries are the result of excess lactic acid production, unbalancing the body’s pH, triggering pain. Magnets can help to increase cellular oxygen levels, increase fluid  and gas circulation by dilating the blood vessels, improving cell permeability, reducing inflammation and toxins and normalizing pH levels thus relieving pain. Furthermore, the main cause of ageing is also acid influenced, accumulated acid waste deposits in the body tissues from daily physiological processes are decreased by the magnotherapeutic effect. Drinking alkaline ionised water is also beneficial.

Other benefits of magnotherapy include the removal of heavy metals and lanthanides out of body tissue, including Ferratin which coats the white blood corpuscles, interfering with their ability to create an effective immune system. Restoring their flexibility again makes them able to devour bacteria etc. Lanthanides are a group of 15 elements listed in the periodic table. They have a magnetic nature, a high molecular weight and an affinity to tumours.

Benefits vary from person to person. We are all different. Some people notice changes within hours, others in weeks or months. The magnets will always influence the blood passing through its field when being worn – there’s no on or off switch. Most people report more energy and well being, a reduction in aches and pains, and better quality sleep. In assisting the blood’s healing ability benefits are achieved in a wide range of conditions. Placebo effect has been discounted because of widespread success with animals.

Bioflow’s multidirectional Central Reverse Polarity magnets are superior to others because they move electrons, therefore balancing pH levels, supplying energy for ionisation, enabling its efficiency as a catalyst for repair and renewal of body tissue. Bioflow magnets are small and light yet powerful enough to mimic expensive pulsed medical equipment. Drinking 6 glasses (or at least 1 litre, ideally 2) of water daily enhances the detoxifying effect, especially if taking organic mineral supplement which optimises the benefit of magnotherapy.

Any concerns about wearing magnets can be alleviated by remembering the fact that we live on a magnet, the Earth. Wearing magnets help focus this energy straight to the circulating blood, bringing about a multitude of benefits.

References: Dr Hulda Clark,  MV.Dr Vladislav Vaclavek, Sand Whang (Scientist)