Newsletter October 2012


We would like to offer to your attention monthly Horoscopes from the point of view of HEALTH.

So we start with the:


24 October – 22 November


Scorpio is the 8th Zodiac sign. It is the sign of transformation.

Element – Water

Ruling planets – Pluto and Mars.

Mars gives Scorpio people activeness, bravery and erotism . Pluto is promoting transformation and getting power over people and situations. So Scorpio people have strong will, they are decisive, they can act in risky situations. Pluto and Mars give them generosity, ability to protect the others, they have sharp mind and high creativity and sexuality.

Scorpio has a nature of extremes and contradictions, merciless, passionate, always aiming for success. They have good analytic mind, great intuition and nearly mystic understanding of life.

They are hypersensitive, they can feel deep and they are capable to catch the minute change in relationships but they will not show it – they keep it to themselves. It can often lead to nervous breakdown and accumulation of stress which affects the adrenals and weakens the whole system. That is why Scorpios need positive emotions and relaxation to neutralize  their constant stresses. People born under the sign of Scorpio:

Nicolo Paganini, Marie Curry, Aughust Rodin, Robert Kennedy, Theodor Roosevelt, Charles des Gaulle, Michail Lomonosov

Medical Horoscope for Scorpios

Energy of Zodiac sign of Scorpio is projected on lower part of the trunk, the area between navel to lower back, lower parts of large intestine and reproductive system – prostate for men and ovaries and uterus – for ladies.

The weakest link for Scorpio are reproductive organs, urinary system, large intestines, endocrine system.


Scorpios as a rule do have good health and also can get better very quickly if they are ill. However, Scorpios health is completely in their own hands – negativity could destroy all genetic good work. If get ill – they are often seriously ill. But the will of Scorpio is strong; they have nearly mystical ability to restore good health just by shear will power from the most serious illnesses.

As a rule reproductive system is weak because of wrong life style, too many sexual partners and poor digestion.  Endocrine system is affected more often in comparison with the other Zodiac signs.

Health and vitality of Scorpio depend very much on emotional climate. Scorpio people are quite closed they prefer to keep everything to themselves and often their negative emotions find the way out through illnesses.

Scorpio people must learn to live in peace with themselves and the surrounding world. They must learn how to think positively.  Scorpio MUST detox. Three whales of health for them are – clean intestines, clean skin and good lung ventilation.

Food for Scorpios

Food should contain enough proteins – different types of meat, fish, sea products. After the age of 40 metabolic rate is slowing down and it is more difficult to digest and absorb food. Therefore Scorpios should change fat meats to fish and sea products and use vegetable fat instead of animal fat. This will help to avoid intestinal stagnation and lower risk of atherosclerosis and liver diseases.

They should eat more fruit and vegetables, whole meal grains, sprouted seeds.

Especially good are: prunes, reddish, onion, cabbage, blueberries, garlic, gooseberries.

Vitamins and Minerals which are good for Scorpio People

Selenium – Necessary for normal work of the heart, immunity, restoration of tissues. It is one of the most effective  antioxidants, it prevents degenerative processes of aging.

Phosphorus – is a “satellite” of calcium, it is a mineral which is essential to the structure and function of the body, it is present in the body as phosphates, and in this form aids the process of bone mineralization and helps to create the structure of the bone. It is also essential for communication between cells and energy production.

Zinc – it is principal protector of the immune system, and is crucial in the regulation of our genetic information. It is important for the structure and function of cell membranes. Zinc is an antioxidant. It lowers cravings for alcohol and drugs, necessary for normal function of male reproductive system and prostate.

Manganese – essential for normal functioning of the brain and effective in treatment of many nervous disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

Vitamin A -  is a fat soluble vitamin which comes in two forms: retinol, found in animal products like liver, eggs, butter, and cod liver oil and beta-carotene, which our body converts into vitamin A when we need it. Beta-carotene is found in bright-coloured fruits and vegetables. Vitamin A was for many years called a “miracle” vitamin because of its significant effect on the immune system and its importance for growth. It is necessary for healthy skin and eyes, and lets us see effectively in the dark. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and it also has anticarcinogenic properties.

Vitamin E – it is a vitamin of youth and beauty. It is essential for normal functioning of endocrine and reproductive systems, boosts immune system, is an antioxidant and protects against cardio-vascular diseases.

Vitamin C – also known as ascorbic acid, and it is one of the most versatile of the vitamins we need to sustain life. It is an antioxidant; it boosts immune system to fight cancer and infection.

Vitamin B1 – thiamine is involved in all key metabolic processes in the nervous system, heart, blood cells and muscles. Vitamin B1 is essential for digestion and necessary for brain cells function which is very important for Scorpio people.

Vitamin B9 – folic acid is essential for the division of the body cells (it can prevent some birth defects and some types of cancer). It is helpful in treatment of heart disease digestive disorders and helps female reproductive system.

EFA – essential fatty acids – strengthen blood cells walls, making them smooth and elastic. It is necessary to prevent atherosclerosis, and vascular disorders.

Vitamin B12 –  cobalamin – is  essential for healthy metabolism of nerve tissue and deficiencies can cause brain damage and neurological disorders. Also reduces the risk of cancer and severity of allergies as well as boosting energy levels.

General recommendations:

Have your COLON CLEANSE this month – it will be very good for you!

Do Breathing exercises – excellent way to bring oxygen to the cells.

Physical activity is a must and water for Scorpios is very important.

Contrast showers, steam and dry saunas are brilliant for strengthening immune system, as well as swimming in the sea or swimming pool.

It is also important to be near water, pick berries and mushrooms and walk in beautiful places.

Take a good supplement of listed Minerals and Vitamins.