Newsletter July 2014



Indigestion (upset stomach or dyspepsia) usually happens when people eat too much, too fast, or foods that don’t  with them. Indigestion may also be the result of insufficient or excessive secretion of digestive enzymes or stomach acid, the shape of the digestive organs, hernia (hiatus) or may be stress-related. Since it can affect the absorption of nutrients from food, it is important, if possible, to establish the cause.

Diet and lifestyle

Good eating habits (smaller more regular meals, eating more slowly and mindfully, chewing thoroughly, sitting down in relaxed surroundings, sitting with a straight back, not slouching) and avoiding foods known to provoke an attack are the keys to overcoming indigestion. Fats are harder to digest, so it may help to reduce intake in the diet. Some people also find it useful to eat animal proteins and carbohydrates at separate meals, as these require different conditions in the digestive tract to break them down.

Many herbs and mild spices have properties beneficial to the health and activity of the digestive tract, including cloves, garlic, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, parsley and more. Small amounts of fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and kefir, may be helpful in balancing gut bacteria.

A generally alkalising and hydrating diet will help to ensure that conditions in the digestive system are conducive to proper digestion. It may also be helpful to look at some naturopathic techniques to soothe and support the liver, such as castor oil packing. 

Useful Supplements

Peppermint oil capsules   May be helpful in relieving indigestion
Zinc citrate 15-60mg daily Required to produce stomach acid
Broad spectrum enzyme formula As indicated To assist digestion
Formula containing appropriate blend of helpful herbs,spices etc. As indicated To assist digestive health and activity
Betaine hydrochloride As indicated To assist with protein digestion in the stomach
Broad spectrum gut bacteria formula As indicated To assist with healthy bowel flora
Aloe vera As indicated To assist with healthy bowel flora production and general digestive health and activity
Spirulina or green powder complex As indicated To assist with pH balance (alkaline cells are better able to produce acid for the digestive tract)
B complex Low dose Some B vitamins, such as B3 and folic acid, may be useful for

Taken from extract from Nutrigold A-Z illnesses Indigestion