Newsletter January 2013


Food and Health

Capricorn’s area of the body is the skeleton: bones and teeth. The joints – and especially the knees, can show signs of wear and tear when the body comes under emotional attack.

The planet associated with Capricorn is Saturn which in turn is linked to the gall bladder and spleen.

Like their opposite sign, Cancer, Capricorns have a tendency to worry. This process can leave them feeling drained – almost literally – of moisture. Dry, flaky skin is not uncommon when those of this sign are ill at ease.

To keep their bodies in good condition, Capricorns need a plentiful supply of calcium and should be careful of foods (especially alcohol and spicy foods) that may deplete these reserves.

Capricorn’s cell salt is calcium phosphate, which is the most important element in bone formation.

Foods rich in this mineral include:

• Figs, lemons and oranges

• broccoli, cabbage, celery, corn, dandelion-greens, kale, peas, potatoes, and spinach

• walnuts, almonds

•whole wheat, oats, and brown rice and whole grain breads

• fish,


• Buttermilk, cheese and yoghurt

• meat

At this time of year good detox is always good for anybody’s health but especially for Capricorns.

Start with good cleanse of the large intestine by doing Colon Hydrotherapy followed by Lemon Detox for 5 days with relaxing massages and you will feel better and look younger!