Newsletter December 2011

Hangover Detox

December is here…. It is
pre Christmas time of parties and good time…Most of us at one time drink more than we should.
It can happen…So the most common side effects of drinking too much are
headaches, nausea and tiredness, resulting from a combination of dehydration
and inability of the liver to flush out toxins quickly enough. This programme
is designed to help you overcome the side effects and help repair the internal
and external damage, but it doesn’t mean you can drink to excess whenever you
feel like it. Drinking too much is very bad for your long-term health.


Top up with water

Drink at least 1.5 litres (3pints) of water in each of the
day leading up to the big night out – this will make sure you are fully
hydrated and help to flush out toxins.

Eat something

Have a meal before you go out and don’t drink on an empty
stomach – alcohol is very acidic.


Take a B-complex vitamin and 1 g of vitamin C, both of
which are used up when alcohol is being broken down in the body.


Drink more slowly

Having a glass of water after every alcohol drink is a
useful technique.

Avoid bubbles

The bubbles in sparkling alcohol drinks such as champagne
or rum-and-coke speed up alcohol absorption, making you drunk more quickly.

Drink according to your size and sex

Women are less able to break down alcohol than men.


Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and take a
glass of water with you to sip if you wake in the night. A squeeze of fresh
lemon juice in your water will lessen stomach acidity.


Book a Colonic Irrigation session preferably with Lemon Juice enema.

Absolut must! It will rehydrate you and flush off
the toxins also lemon juice will help restore lost Vitamin C.

Drink plenty

Sip water to rehydrate yourself-aim for a glass every
half an hour. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice are high in antioxidants and will
help eliminate alcohol. Fizzy mineral water will reoxygenate your blood.


Take a B-complex vitamin plus 1 g of vitamin C.

Avoid tea and coffee

Apart from being acidic and irritating the stomach, tea
and coffee are diuretic and will make you lose water you have left.

Eat well

Eat a healthy breakfast (see box opposite). Although you may feel like
having a greasy fry-up, you’ll regret if you do-bacon, eggs and bread are all
acid forming, and will make your stomach churn even more. Eat foods that will
not add to the body’s toxic burden, such as brown rice, vegetables and nuts,
throughout the day.

Mild exercise

Go for a long walk to purge the toxins


Have a relaxing bath before going to bed and try to get an early night.

Morning after breakfast

1small banana, sliced

1 pot liver low-fat yogurt

1 tsp honey

1 tsp sunflower seeds

1 tbsp muesli

together all the ingredients and eat. This breakfast will balance your blood
sugars and provide a sustained release of energy. Banana replenishes your
potassium stock, crucial for maintaining fluid levels and the correct balance
of acid to alkaline.