Newsletter November 2012


Sagittarius – “THE LUCKY ONE”

23 November – 21 December

Sagittarius – it is the ninth Zodiac sign. It symbolises the fire of human sole and unity of different elements.

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Jupiter presents Sagittarius with great health, gives him fame, honour and wealth. Jupiter is directing Sagittarius to constant self-perfection, makes him a joyful “Sage man”, who is charging everyone with energy and optimism.

Sagittarius people are normally highly organised, have common sense, love art and fine things in life.

Sagittarius people are very active, romantic, passionate, honest, direct in their feelings and intentions, warm hearted, courageous and independent.

Their slogan – “No water will go under the stone which does not move”. It is their mobility, connections and wishes to be useful that help Sagittarius to obtain glory and success.

They have a good imagination, want to produce a good impression, majority of Sagittarius people are capable to master science and understand deeply how things work. Sagittarius are excellent teachers.

Famous Sagittarius: Horatio, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Ludwig van Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney and Bruce Lee.



Astral sign of Sagittarius covers pelvis, hips, lower back, coccyx and groin. So the most  sensitive areas are: pelvis (sciatica, lumbago, back pain),  liver and gall bladder (Sagittarius are prone to excess weight).

Illnesses: Sagittarius people usually have strong body but often use it to the maximum of its ability. They do resemble to a degree a Centaur who is combining the mind of a man and strength of an animal. Therefore because of physical and mental overloads, Sagittarius could develop back problems which might worsen if remain untreated.

Sagittarius people due to their activity very often have traumas due to accidents. Sagittarius illnesses are very often connected with overeating and as a consequence suffer toxic liver and narrowing of blood vessels. After the age of 40 such life style could lead to development of tumours (benign and malignant).

Sagittarius do not like to look after their health. It is very difficult to make them do some exercises. But they have to understand that, especially after the age of 40, they have to walk in the fresh air, contact with nature, they MUST have some physical workout. Jogging, aerobic exercises, yoga, Pilates are very good for them. Regular fasting, breathing exercises, colon hydrotherapy are particularly good for them as it will help to detox.


Food should be very light. Meat should be consumed once or twice a week. Best to have lean calf’s meat, chicken, fish. Yogurts, kefir, whole meal grains, fruit, vegetables are also very good. Plant proteins like soy, beans, seeds, walnuts, prunes, brown rice, figs and strawberries are good for Sagittarius.

To protect blood vessels and liver it is always best to change butter to oil and generally aim for a more vegetarian way of eating.

Vitamins and Minerals best for Sagittarius:

Zinc – it is the principal protector of the immune system, and is crucial in the regulation of our genetic information. It is important for the structure and function of cell membranes. Zinc is an antioxidant. It lowers cravings for alcohol and drugs, necessary for normal function of male reproductive system and prostate.

Manganese – essential for normal functioning of the brain and effective in the treatment of many nervous disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. Effects absorption of calcium.

Chromium – participates in the processes of energy production in tissues, strengthens nervous system, improves rehabilitation abilities of the body, as well as the work of liver and pancreas

Vitamin C – also known as ascorbic acid,  is one of the most versatile of the vitamins we need to sustain life. It is an antioxidant, i.e. does not allow the tissues to be damaged by free radicals; it boosts the immune system to fight cancer and infection. Very good for the walls of blood vessels.

Vitamin B1 – thiamine is involved in all key metabolic processes in the nervous system, heart, blood cells and muscles. Vitamin B1 is essential for digestion and necessary for brain cells function.

EFA – essential fatty acids – strengthen blood cells walls, making them smooth and elastic. It is necessary to prevent atherosclerosis, and vascular disorders.

Vitamin B12 -  cobalamin – is  essential for healthy metabolism of nerve tissue and deficiencies can cause brain damage and neurological disorders. Also reduces the risk of cancer and severity of allergies as well as boosting energy levels.


In general: Sagittarius people must have regular detoxes and colonics. Here at Body Peace we can offer you different programs to suit your life style to support your body and make you feel healthy and energetic.



In the reception area of Bodypeace, many of our clients will have noticed the wide range of supplementary products we have available. These products have been carefully chosen to complement the effectiveness of colonic hydrotherapy or can be taken simply as dietary supplements. Our therapists will suggest whichever product they feel is suitable to each individual client and their health needs. In order to make these products more widely known and understood we will be focussing on and discussing each product.





This is a blend of magnesium oxides designed to gently release oxygen into the digestive tract for ia cleansing effect.



  • By releasing oxygen      into the intestines and colon, waste elimination is expediated.
  • Oxygen is      provided for effective digestion and cleansing of the digestive membranes      thus allowing an improved uptake of nutrients.
  • By helping to      reduce the accumulation of toxins, a healthy and ‘clean’ environment is      established, thereby discouraging disease-causing microbes.



  • An accumulation      of ineffectively digested matter in the colon.
  • A poor      assimilation of nutrients.
  • Parasites/pathogens      present in the putrifaction of the bowel.
  • Insufficient      oxygen to maintain homeostasis.
  • It can be used once      or twice a week for regularity and complete bowel evacuation.
  • Candida. The      aerobic environment is beneficial to ‘friendly’ intestinal flora thus      helping to inhibit toxin-producing undesirable toxin-producing bacteria.
  • ‘Detoxing’ By      effectively cleansing the body’s major organs of elimination, thus      enabling the body to eliminate the waste induced by cleansing, a ‘detox      healing crisis’ can be prevented.



Digestion is a known process of oxidation. By adding oxygen to the intestine and colon, one can help oxidise ingested matter and improve assimilation of digested nutrients.

Talk to our therapist about how to take this supplement.