Newsletter March 2015




It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our lovely receptionist/administrator, Kay.

Kay and her partner have both managed to coordinate their retirements for the end of this month, so will be ‘kicking up their heels’ in newfound freedom together!

Kay has been a vital cornerstone to the smooth running of BodyPeace and will be sorely missed by both clients and therapists.

Even the Postman says he’ll miss her bright cheerfulness on his daily rounds!

She has a professsional but warm manner over the phone and has dealt out much needed and appreciated reassurance, especially to anxious new clients preparing for their first ever colonic!

We wish you well Kay, may you enjoy every moment of your well earned retirement.

Thank you for all your dedication, hard work and every ready bright smile, we’ll miss you!



Probiotics work as a team for

IBS relief!

A new study has once again highlighted the benefits of multi-strain probiotic bacteria for bringing relief from the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome.

Participants were divided into two groups; one group received a placebo pill for 4 weeks whilst the other group received a multi-strain probiotic supplement.  Results showed that 68% of the probiotic group felt relief from their symptoms of bloating, pain and abdominal discomfort compared with only 37.5 % of the placebo group.

previous trial using only yoghurt containing a single strain of bacteria found no benefit for IBS sufferers.  This new study highlights the importance of using a combination of bacteria strains in supplement form rather than a low dose food form. 

The hundreds of different types of ‘friendly’ bacteria are found throughout our intestinal tracts; some strains colonise in certain areas whereas others are more transient and work as they pass through the digestive tract.  They support our digestion and immunity, synthesise certain B-vitamins and vitamin K, and help to form a healthy stool.

Researchers from this latest study commented that:

“Multiple species probiotics may have a variety of different beneficial effects on IBS symptoms because each species act in a particular way and two or more species acting together may have a synergistic effect”

 Supplementing with several strains at once, including Lactobacilli and Bifidocateria, enhances their actions as they can work as a team, restoring balance to the gut and supporting digestion.

It is important to remember when choosing a probiotic supplement to opt for one with multiple strains of effective bacteria and crucially, proven viability of the bacteria at the time of consumption.  Often, lower quality supplements may contain several billion bacteria when they are manufactured but these numbers have dwindled by the time the product is taken.  The product should also be able to guarantee that the bacteria will retain their potency for several months after you have purchased them so you can feel reassured of their viability and effectiveness.

 You can purchase probiotics at the clinic 4 billion live bacterium per capsule for full spectrum support.