Newsletter July 2015

Auricular therapy


Acupuncture is a Chinese method of treatment of disease and maintaining of health by inserting very fine needles into precise points located along Meridians (loosely speaking “energy” channels running on the surface of and transversing the body).


Auricular therapy is acupuncture using points on the ear. Ear acupuncture is used with great success in treating substance abuse and detoxing the body. It will help the body to release toxins and return body’s energy and assisting the body’s return to normal functioning. We recommend this treatment together with colonic hydrotherapy as it will enhance the effect of colonic. When you receive treatment you will have typically five needles located in the following points (these points are known as detox points) of the ear:

  1. Sympathetic – this has a strong pain killing action and relieves contractions of the intestinal organs. It may cause dilation of blood vessels and is used for treating pulseness and spasms of the arteries and veins. It is also used for night sweats and involuntary perspiration.
  2. Shenmen – calms the mind, treats insomnia and excessive sensitivity. It promotes lower abdominal circulation, harmonises liver function and reduces high blood pressure.
  3. Kidney – strengthens kidney function, toughens lumber spine, assists urination and invigorates the digestion.
  4. Liver – regulates blood circulation, strengthens the stomach, relieves dizzy spells and faintness and strengthens digestion, relieves chest heaviness, general aches and pains, abdominal distension and depression.
  5. Lungs – (upper or lower lung) – controls breathing and regulates body temperature. Promotes the circulation of oxygenated blood. Effective in treating diarrhoea.


The clinical effects of auricular therapy is relaxation and stress reduction. Reduction in craving, relief from withdrawal symptoms, a cleared mind and increased sense of purpose, better sleep and energy rise.