Newsletter December 2014

Plastic Surgery Dream May Come True

Be honest with yourself – there were times when you were thinking of having some kind of plastic surgery done (little nose job or your eyes are too wrinkly, ets) but….this luxury is pricy.

Now your dream can come true – take advantage of rouble crush in Russia and have it all done by super skilled Russian plastic surgeon Mr Andrey Lelikov.  Dr Lelikov has 20 years experience  in plastic surgery and has his own clinic called “Cosmeton” right in the centre of Moscow. The clinic is fully equipped with the latest stuff in modern day’s medicine. He speaks fluent English and you will have a very nice experience not only having made yourself years younger but also sightseeing all the treasures of Russian capital. Autumn and winter is the best time for having the plastic surgery done – so do it and let your dream come true at a very affordable price!  If you have any questions to ask – do not hesitate to call Mr Lelikov direct or call us at Body Peace on 01628 662255 and we will be happy to help you.