June Newsletter

We at Body Peace would like to wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters Happy Ramadhan.

This is the time when you not only observe your religious  practice of Ramadan but you can also improve your health if you do it right. Before doing any detox ( and Ramadan is a detox in a way) you need to have colon hydrotherapy to clean your bowel and prepare the whole body for the month ahead. This will hydrate your whole body as well as cleansing it.

We came across a wonderful article written on the subject, supported by NHS and we think you will benefit by reading it. Attached a link for the article.


Few things from the article we hope will benefit you all.

Foods to avoid Healthy/alternative foods

Deep-fried foods, e.g  pakoras, samosas, fried dumplings. Whole grains, e g chickpeas (plain, or with potato in yogurt with different Indian spices), samosas baked instead of fried, and boiled dumplings

High-sugar/high-fat foods, e.g Indian sweets such as Gulab Jamun,  Rasgulla,  Balushahi, Baklawa. Milk-based sweets and puddings, e.g Rasmalai, Barfi.

High-fat cooked foods, eg  parathas, oily curries, greasy pastries. Alternate with chapattis made without oil, and baked or grilled meat and chicken. Try to make pastry at home and use a single layer of pastry.

Cooking methods to avoid/ Alternative cooking methods:

Deep frying Shallow frying – usually there is very little difference in taste. Frying Grilling or baking is healthier and helps retain the taste and original flavour of the food, especially chicken and fish Curries with excessive oil. Start with measuring the oil used in curry and try to bring the oil content down gradually, e.g. reducing five tablespoons to four. This is a good way of reducing oil without noticing much difference in the taste. A useful tip is to use more onions and tomatoes in the bulk of the curry


Constipation could be a very irritating problem for someone undertaking a fast. Maintaining good hydration outside the fast, eating healthily, with lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet, increasing the fibre content of your food using bran, and being active all help to keep your bowel motions as regular as would otherwise be expected. Having colon hydrotherapy can help you during the time of fasting.