January Newsletter

Why Detox?


The body stores foreign substances and toxins in its fatty deposits. So, in many cases, people may be carrying up to 10 or more extra pounds (4.5 kg) of unhealthy mucus-harbouring toxic waste!

And you wonder why you are so tired, have PMS, digestive disorders, headaches, joint pains, bad breath, allergies, constipation, brittle nails, skin eruptions, poor memory, depression, insomnia, excess weight and so on. It is the toxic world we live in, and you may be living in an increasingly toxic body.

For a time, your body will struggle to protect itself from noxious toxins by trapping them in a ball of mucus or fat so that they are impeded from triggering adverse immune reactions. But this Band Aid will only last temporarily. Before long, toxins will seep into the bloodstream and into cell membranes, disturbing metabolic function and causing tissue damage.

If I still haven’t convinced you then take the Detox Challenge and see if your body is need of a cleanse.


What Is A Toxin?

A toxin can be any kind of substance that causes harmful effect to the body, leading to intolerances, allergies and a general feeling of illness. Potential toxins from the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe surround us. The most insidious toxins are actually not seen, invisible, leaving us unaware as to the grave risks. The good news, though, is that the body has a gift of being able to expel toxins quite readily if we have the knowledge, tools and my Plan to get rid them.

The Healing Crisis

During or after a detox, some people experience what is referred to as a healing crisis? This means that the elimination or detoxification was so efficient or so powerful that they can feel unwell for a few days or few hours during or afterwards. My patients are usually spared because of the gentle and nutritionally balanced manner in which I conduct the detox. If anything, you will probably feel energized, clear-headed, rejuvenated and revitalized. But there is always a chance that you may still have an adverse feeling from such deep elimination. You may experience headaches, joint pains, skin eruptions, and more. Don’t be alarmed by these symptoms – you can stop the detox whenever you like and go back to gradually incorporating the detox principles in your everyday diet.


Emotional Reactions

Another form of healing crisis is the emotional crisis, which some people might experience when going through a deep detox. Don’t be surprised if you feel weepy or emotional when you start detoxing – you may find that years of pent-up tensions may be processed and released.


The Detox Massage

Take five minutes in the morning and evening of your Detox Day to rub your liver region. Simply lie flat on your back and gently massage the liver using your fingertips. This will further spur the detoxification process, and although it may not sound like it at first, it can feel really nice too!


You will find your liver at the base of your right ribcage. Simply place your hand at the bottom of the set of ribs on your right side. Move your fingers in a clockwise direction around the liver for approximately five minutes. Do not dig into your liver with your nails; use your fingertips, take it slowly and gently. You will be helping to stimulate the liver-cleansing action and processing of the body toxins.

Skin Care

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in your body? It accounts for approximately 16 per cent of your total body weight and, besides protecting delicate internal structure, assists the colon, lungs and kidneys in the elimination of toxic waste. It also helps to regulate your body’s thermostat by increasing sweat when you get too hot or producing goose pimples when the temperature falls.

Many factors affect the health of your skin, including heredity, age, climate, pollution, diet, stress levels and fluctuations in hormones. However, changes in your complexion are usually swayed by two major factors: (a) how well your internal eliminatory organs are working, (b) whether or not your body is lacking in vitamins and minerals. And both these factors, in turn, influence each other.

Every day in my clinical practice, I see many people who arrive for the first time looking haggard with dry dead skin, spot, straw-like hair and broken nails. Sure enough, months later, these same patients return looking revived, with beautiful skin, lustrous silky hair, strong long nails. And if you follow my Plan I hope you will see such amazing results too.


Top tip skin brushing

To improve the skin’s job of getting rid of internal rubbish (over one pound of waste products are excreted through the skin every day), you can help it in its task by regular body brushing. To skin brush effectively, you need a small, firm natural bristle brush. Brushing is best undertaken just before you bath or shower on a dry body.

Method: Start at the soles of the feet and work your way up the legs in long, brisk strokes; then up the arms and down the back. Always brush upwards towards the chest and avoid sensitive spots such as moles, warts and broken veins. Never use brush on your face.