Newsletter September 2015


                                                                                                                                   COLONIC IRRIGATION


Some swear by it, others reel in horror at the very thought of it!

But love it or loathe it, Is colonic irrigation all it’s cracked up to be?


Known affectionately as a ‘COLONIC ’, whatever your views about this increasingly popular procedure, the bottom line is that the UK is the most constipated nation in the world!

The colon, or bowel is an incredible 5ft long organ and is a vital part of our digestive system. When it is functioning properly, the colon is responsible for eliminating waste and conserving water in our bodies. Its structure is composed of smooth muscle over which we have no conscious control – unlike the other muscles in our bodies. A healthy colon contains friendly bacteria, which synthesize valuable nutrients and vitamins and guard against infection. However, stress, coffee, acid forming foods and alcohol are among the many conditions that will result in the growth of unfriendly bacteria and, once the bacteria balance changes, problems occur within the colon. Medical evidence has proved that disease begins in the colon, malfunctions of the colon can lead to 80 per cent of all diseases.

What is colonic irrigation?

The practice of colonic irrigation – also known as colonic hydrotherapy or colon therapy – is not a new practice; in fact it was used in Ancient Egypt, China and India. However, the method commonly used in the West today has its origins in the 19th century European spas. If you have never had colonics irrigation, it is easy to imagine the worst. However, it leaves you feeling clean, revitalised and well. Some advocates even go as far as to comment that they actually enjoy the procedure!

Who Needs It?

 Probably everyone could benefit from having a colonic – but if you frequently suffer from headaches, backaches, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, body odour, irritability, confusion, skin problems, bloating, diarrhoea, gas etc, you probably need it more than most.

These symptoms could indicate that you are suffering intestinal toxicity – in other words, your colon needs a good clean out and to be purged of the toxic matter that has built up during your lifetime. Colon therapy is especially useful in treating constipation, colitis, flatulence, bloating, IBS, candida, haemorrhoids, intestinal parasites and diarrhoea. It is also an effective way to detox, and can clear those toxin-related problems once and for all – including cellulite and some weight problems.

What should I expect?

During a 30-45 minute session (the average time taken for the procedure), around 15 gallons of water is used to gently flush the colon. A fully qualified / registered therapist will conduct your colonic irrigation. No special preparation is required. After an initial consultation, your therapist will ask you to change into the gown provided. She will ask you to lie on the treatment table. Warm, filtered water is then introduced into the colon via the rectum through a plastic hose, which connects to the colonic irrigation machine.


During this painless procedure the therapist lightly massages various parts of your tummy to help loosen and soften the deposits and stimulate the release of stored faecal matter, which is then piped away with the waste water. The system is enclosed, so no unpleasant smells will escape. The whole process is discreet, with the client’s modesty being preserved at all times.


The colonic treatment exercises and tones the bowel, thus aiding the evacuation of waste, both during and after treatment. Some herbal infusions may also be used during the treatment, and a Probiotic (friendly bacteria) implant may be given afterwards if requested.

Will I notice results?

 After your colonic, changes are you will feel great, lighter and with a sense of well-being. You can get back to work immediately and on with your daily life. The benefit of colonic irrigation is quickly observed in the form of improved bowel function, which will be better able to absorb nutrients, together with a clearer skin, greater mental clarity and fewer headaches. Circulatory, immune, inflammatory and weight problems may also improve with colonic treatments when accompanied by recommended diet and lifestyle changes.


Although large numbers of friendly bacteria are expelled during treatment, they quickly breed back up to strength, and the environment in the colon, after treatment, is usually better than before, thus leading to a better balance.

Is it safe?

 Yes. Equipment is sterilized and hospital approved solutions are used, which kill all bacteria, virus and fungi in minutes. The filter water is at low pressure so there is no danger of perforation.

Do I need repeat treatments?

 Because toxic deposits take a lifetime to build up in the colon, they cannot be removed in one treatment. It is therefore recommended that an initial course of six treatments are booked one week apart. It usually takes a few treatments before old encrusted matter begins to dislodge, so clients should not be impatient when pursuing a therapeutic course of colonic irrigation.